How do I install FloFlight?

The good news is that there's no installation required. Simply visit app.floflight.com and sign up!

FloFlight is a Progressive Web App, what does that mean?

A Progressive Web App is basically a website you can interact with— our app runs entirely within your browser. Other web apps you may be familiar with is Slack, Netflix, or even Gmail.

Where can I access my FloFlight account?

Log in on any of your devices, including your phone or desktop, at app.floflight.com. You can also add FloFlight to your home screen. View how to do this on iPhone or Android.

What if my device doesn't have an internet connection, does FloFlight have an offline mode?

FloFlight allows you to enter in a flight log while your device is offline and no longer connected to the internet. This is useful, for example, while in flight and your device is set to airplane mode. Once your device reconnects to the internet, the flight log will sync with your account and save.

I’m trying to save a flight log offline but it isn’t working. How can I save a flight log when I am offline?

Basically FloFlight is trying to complete the flight log because your device is still looking for service and trying to be online. If you put your device on airplane mode and turn off WiFi it will let you create and save flight logs offline. So when you are in a rough spot of service just simply turn off the connection so FloFlight doesn’t keep trying to complete the flight log. Add and save your flight logs while offline. Then the flight logs will sync when your device is connected to service.

Tip: The same thing will happen if you are in the air flying and want to enter and save a flight log. Please confirm your device is actually offline by turning on airplane mode and disconnecting from WiFi while using the FloFlight app when service isn’t available. Also, a friendly reminder to turn off airplane mode and reconnect to WiFi when finished so you will be back in service when available.